Troubleshooting - Pendrive not working when connecting to Mac via TEQTA Hub

Normally when you plug a USB Flash Drive into your Mac you will see the connected USB storage device on Mac's desktop or in Finder and then access files on it.

However, if you have noticed that your USB drive is not even showing up on your Apple computer it can be a major headache. A few Mac models have reported having this problem after upgrading to macOS 12 Monterey. How can we make your Mac detect the USB drive and then easily locate it in Finder or on the desktop?

We offer this detailed guide in the hope of re-enabling the USB drive and having it work normally on your Mac again. You will also find it helpful for fixing the USB Drive Not Working Issue on Macs running macOS 12 Monterey.

Reinstall or update USB driver

When your USB device is not detected by Mac you should check to see if any USB driver updates are available. Please try the following steps:

  1. Click on the Apple in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Select "Software Update..."
  3. Any available updates will be listed and will be downloadable or you will be told your software is up to date which is good information to know.

If you have updated your Mac to macOS 12 Monterey however you may still not be able to find the USB flash drive. This can be due to known macOS 12 bugs causing the Mac USB port not to work and then of course your Mac will fail to recognize a USB flash drive.

To fix this there are threads on Apple's support page that explore the topic at length. You could downgrade your macOS, reinstall macOS or upgrade macOS to avoid the macOS 12 bug for example.

How to fix the issue of your USB flash drive not showing up on a Mac?

Now that your Mac is connected to the USB flash drive if you still can't find the USB drive on Mac you need to try the following simple solutions to fix the issue:

Fix 1: Change Finder preferences to show USB flash drives on Mac desktop

If you can't find the connected USB device on the Mac desktop then you should go to Finder > Preferences > General and make sure the "External disks" option is checked. Then you'll see the connected USB flash drive show up on the Mac desktop.


Fix 2: Change Finder preferences to show up USB flash drive in Finder

Can't find the USB flash drive in Finder? Go to Finder > Preferences and then switch to the Sidebar tab and check the "External disks" option under Locations.

show usb in Finder

You will then see the connected USB flash drive in Finder's sidebar.

Fix 3: Repair USB flash drive with First Aid

If you can see the USB flash drive but it is not fully mounting in Apple's Disk Utility you can try the built-in First Aid within the operating system to repair the errors on the USB flash drive as follows:

  1. Launch Disk Utility from Utilities in the Applications folder.
  2. Select the corrupted USB drive from the sidebar.
  3. Click First Aid at the top of the window and then click Run. Wait until the repair process finishes.
  4. First Aid will give a final status message upon completion while noting either the success or failure of the repair.

Fix USB drives with First Aid

Fix 4: Reformat USB flash drive

If First Aid was unable to repair the errors on the USB drive it means that the file system or partition table of the flash drive has been damaged seriously. Commonly to fix the USB flash drive not showing up on Mac you have to reformat it.

But wait reformatting will wipe all data off the flash drive! Therefore we first recover data from the USB drive with iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery - a professional USB drive data recovery software.


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